About Us

Moshabak Sazan Arya Co. Manufacturer of grating

It was launched in 2006 with the aim of designing and manufacturing various types of grating and light metal structures and with the cooperation 

of several craftsmen and specialists, and has always been in the effort To produce the highest quality product and present it to customers.
At present, with a nominal production of 6000 tons of grating per year, including the leading factories in the field of grating: 

all kinds of steel grating,
Stainless steel gratings, fiberglass gratings, fastening gratings, handrails, ladders and galvanized services.

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electroforge grating

Moshabak Sazan Arya

grating for Canal and bridge cap
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                                      Production of industrial beams using resistance welding in Moshabak Sazan Arya Company

                                                                      Grating weight calculation table